Monday morning

Aug 23, 2011, 6:57 AM |

I am happy with what I feel this Monday morning, and since feelings are my most intimate source of information about where I stand in the world I think that I am in good shape to face my world.

I think that my feelings are like the weather; I face varying emotional conditions  all the time. I assert that my mind does have some control over my feelings. Right thinking could spare me from having a tantrum over when I am frustated by my situation.

Our football gang

I remember the common where our football gang played. There were only five of us. We had simple rules about membership of the gang. If a fella was friendly and could play football he was in. [This took place in a time before women's lib. If imagine that we would have let a girl play with us if she met the same conditions. I wasn't that bothered about sex when i was 10.]

We used to just turn up on the common to play. We only needed two basic pieces of equipment to play; the ball and the pitch. I regard the goal posts as an optional extra.

I think that football is a simpler game than chess; at the same time when I think about it football can get more complicated than a hypothetical game between Bobby Fisher and Alexander Alekhine.