Post Mortem

Aug 19, 2011, 9:46 PM |

I've had a game. I was playing aggressively as White making my thrust in the centre of the board and developing my pieces like a good little boy, but Black had my knight pinned against my queen, and I became obsessed with this pin, and the wall of pawns on my queen's side. I think that I was winning and then the situation got dirty and complicated and I gave the game away before I gave the game away. It's called folding in poker.

Chess may be a total information game, but how much information can my human brain cope with? and what information is relevant and what is not?

I could use my chess experience to make relevance decisions. However my chess experience is not as good as it could be.

Perhaps I could deal with the pin before I make the central attack. Sort of get some peace of mind. It's not a question of what the opposition thinks, but of what the opposition can do, and perhaps I can seen things it can do, it doesn't see itself. So I'm not really playing them, I'm playing myself, until they make a move, and perhaps I am a very difficult opponent.