The beginning

Aug 18, 2011, 8:05 PM |

I am excited. I can feel the adrenalin making changes in my body and I am getting tight. I've just played two games; lost 1, drew 1, and experienced what I will call a chess rush. My mind is racing as I consider my best 'life move' now.

If I sound wierd to you please be tolerant of my perceived wierdness. I have been diagnosed autistic by the professional psychologists, and I hope this helps you understand me better. I have little understanding of autism myself. It's what Mr Monk the detective suffers from.

I wish this post to inform all subsequent posts. I think that I mean that all my posts are to be read in the context of my autism.

I think mercy is a rare quality in this world. You know who I'm talking to.

Chess is like a pinball machine. No matter how good you are at keeping that ball on the table; sooner or later it will drop. When the ball drops I feel like I lose.

I also like pinball.

I hope to improve my understanding of when and how to end my games.

Very few people become grandmasters!