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Is Magnus Carlsen untouchable?

Jul 13, 2015, 9:38 AM 5

Magnus Carlsen is by far the greatest player of our generation, there is no doubt about it, but there is a big question, who is next? If we look back in the history of chess, we can see a lot of great players for which people tought that they were "unbeatable". There is a plenty of examples, for instance, Capablanca, Karpov, Kasparov. In their time they were like chess gods, they were so dominante that people couldnt imagine them falling down from the top, but they all did. Many people compare Magnus Carlsens game, and chess ability with the great Jore Raul Capablanca, and Anatoly Karpov, both of them were great positional players, they werent exactly known for a great opening preparation, and both of them were great endgame players, and if you think about it, Magnus really does compare with them. So, who actually beat those guys, the answer is Alekhine and Kasparov. Alekhine was 4 years younger than Capablanca, he out prepared Capablanca in that match, and he was a great tactician, possibly the best of his time. If you look at Karpov, he was defeated by Gary Kasparov, who was also known for his great opening preparation, and is probably the greatest tactician in the history of chess. And now, you can see, Kasparov and Alekhine were actually very similar, and both of them had to beat a great positional players. But, who is this guy who can beat the greatest positional player of our time, who is this great tactician, will history repeat itself?? I think that we have the answer, WEI YI is that guy, he is a great tactician from our time, and he will take down Magnus Carlsen. His current rating is 2721, and he just turned 16, that is just amazing, he also played one of the greatest games of all time not so long ago. If I would have to bet, I would say that by the year od 2021. we will have a new World chess champion, and his name will be Wei Yi.

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