Colour Chess

Colour Chess

Mar 29, 2017, 7:46 AM |

We have been developing variations of Chess that play on a coloured board.

It's a modular setup so every game is different, and can be setup randomly, in a pattern, or competitively (where each player sets up their own half to benefit themselves). 


We currently have the following variations:

- Colour Chess - Each player takes 2 turns, the first of which must move to the colour your opponent just moved to. It creates the ability to colour lock and force moves. 

- Swarm Colour Chess - As above, but every piece that can move to the colour has to move. 

It's somehow not as chaotic as it sounds, as pieces slowly settle into positions. 

- Sequence Colour Chess - Here players don't choose the colours they move to; instead, it cycles through a preset sequence. They also only make one move at a time. 

- Start : Stop Colour Chess - Single move at a time, the opponent has to move FROM the colour that you moved TO. 


If you'd like to try out the game, there's a how to play guide and printable board available here:


We're currently raising funds to get the game printed, so please take a look. 

We've also started adding some puzzles of the game on our twitter if you'd like to try them out: 


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!