How to Enjoy Chess Most

Jun 15, 2014, 1:34 PM |

Chess is a fun game.

Especially if you play with many different people.

It's important to play chess with a lot of people if you really want to improve. If you play with the same person all the time, you don't improve very much.


Everyone has a different style.


When you play with many people, you learn about many different positions. And their intricacies. And your board vision improves tremendously.


You have to spend time really focusing on the game to learn it. You have to talk to the experts. A lot of people even have chess coaches.


It's always fun to learn from the professionals. They often know things that you don't. And they have a lot of beautiful positions they can show you.


You can play chess on the Internet, but it's a lot more fun to play in person. To really see and interact with the other person during a game is always much more fun. Even though some people get frustrated when they play.


Some cities have made it illegal to play chess in public. So you have to go to a special club to play it.


But the people there always have interesting stories.


I've met some of my best friends because of our mutual interest in chess.


There is quite a vibrant chess community.


A lot of people used to say the chess was only something that men were really interested in. But now women are becoming more and more open about their interest in chess.


It doesn't matter what age you start, you can have fun playing chess even as a complete beginner.


It's more fun to play someone more on your level though.



That’s the important thing. To just have fun playing chess. It’s a game, after all!