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Mar 16, 2012, 6:11 AM 1

A scientific term stating that things naturally move to a less organized state. Molecules in liquid are less orderly then in there solid state. I believe entropy exists outside of science,too.Science tells us there are several variables that force entropy in the opposite direction, moving molecules and life into a more organized form.How does this relate to chess? I can see it in my games as I fight for the opposition or search for the imbalances in a game. In biochemistry the more we know the more we understand, My wife a former biochemist knows more then me . Go to http://www.eyesofyourheart.com/archives/231 to learn more! This is just an introduction, I plan on explaining in great detail how entropy can enter into our games and how we can control the out come.Look for Entropy 2 in the next couple of days !

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