Entropy 2

Mar 19, 2012, 9:31 PM |

My last blog talked a little about how entropy can be seen outside of science. I would like to focus on one major subject for this blog,  Imbalances. I know of 10, do you know any ? Iam sure you do, if you have been playing chess for sometime you may Know of them but we should know how to use them just like driving a car. Every move you make should not only be well thought and analized but also be automatic , second nature .When playing a long game 30 or 45 min you can take your time and utilize all you see, through the guide map of imbalances . That is exactly what it is a map! This well help us avoid out of control entropy. I would like you to see that understanding all 10 well give you greater confidence in forming a plan. While tactics may be the key to combinations, understanding imbalances well make it easier to find the plan of attack.I well list the 10 imbalances but cannot go into great detail. So if you do not understand the basic ideas behind any or all 10, stop everything and research and study until you do.

1 Superior minor piece.

2 Pawn structure.

3 Space.

4 Material.

5 Control of a hole/weak square.

6 Lead in development.

7 Initiative.

8 King safety

9 Statics vs. Dynamics

10 Control of a key file

"A sound plan makes us all heroes, the absence of a plan,idiots."

-G.M. Kotov.