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Its just a game

Its just a game

Jan 22, 2012, 7:18 AM 0

Have you ever felt nerves when a game is about to start? Blitz or long? I have and sometimes do. I have found a way to get around that! Its just a game, sounds simple enough but really it is. I would like to share with who ever would read this what works for me. When I set down to play a game there are somethings I DON'T think about, or put at such a high order. #1 the players rating or that its a rated game.# 2 that I have to play fast, try to play real chess not so much blitz may help that #3 thinking about the last game I lost. The key to improving in chess for me has been found in playing long games , taking my time when calculating and studying tactics. My openings I keep the same as fischers, but I put more effert into studying tactics and how a good thought process works with understanding Imbalances. Two books you have to read. J silmans books on imbalances and Dan heismans the improving chess thinker. Try to focus on the game and how it should be played based on the positions and know what the imbalances are. I have only been playing for 3 years but I know this is good advise. Study tactics, imbalances, endgame,pawnstucture,piece placement, strategy,clarity,alertness,straightforwardness,the will to win.Play slow games 40 mins that should give most people enough time to think about the game and not the time clicking down. Play with a strong will to win and you well improve. So there you go and remember its just a game.

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