My Favorite FREE Chess Links

Jul 6, 2007, 10:47 PM |

As my first blog, I figured I would take the time to put down some of my favorite links to useful FREE chess websites.  They are in no particular order:

Predator at the Chess Board - Great free tactics ebook that you dont even have to download!

Exeter Chess Club Lessons - Tons of free lessons for all levels of play, sorted by rating.

Dan Heisman's Chess Cafe Links - An archive of all of Dan Heisman's ChessCafe articles.

DB Books - Chessbase and PGN file downloads containing the games from tons of chess books.  Makes it much faster to go over the games inside books.  *You have to email the webmaster to get the password to the archive files.

Chess Collections From Books - Just like DB books.  Not as many as DB Books, but no password needed. - Free Online Database with TONS of GM Games.

Chess Opening Explorer - Free Opening Database from

Shredder Endgame Database - A free endgame database for endgames with 6 or less pieces.

How do get to 1900 - Free Chess lessons sorted by rating, designed to get you to 1900 elo. - THE online Chess Community Wink