Throw some notes on this game of mine.

Oct 2, 2011, 3:58 PM |

Hello all, I just started playing standard chess again after playing solely blitz games for months and I was wondering if any of you would want to add some insight on this game I just played. The opening I played is my current favorite, but I find that it often creates locked-up middle games. Go ahead and play through this and add some notes, the game had a juicy ending setup before my opponent resigned. I played White.

1. e4 e5 

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. Bc4 Nf6

4. Nc3 h6

5. O-O Bc5 

6. d3 O-O

7. h3 d6 

8. b3 a6

9. Bb2 Nb4 

10. a3 Nc6

11. b4 Bb6 

12. Nd5Bd4 

13. c3 Ba7

14. Nxf6+ Qxf6

15. Nh2 b5 

16. Bb3Qe7 

17. Kh1 Be6

18. f4 Bxb3 

19. Qxb3Qe6 

20. Qc2 f6 

21. f5Qf7 

22. Qe2 g6

23. Qg4 Ne7

 24. Bc1Kh7 

25. fxg6+ Qxg6

26. Qe6 Rae8 

27. Qd7Bb6 

28. Ng4 h5

29. Rxf6 Qg7 

30. Bh6    Black resigns.    I was also considering Rh6+ instead of Bh6, continuation would have been Kg8 (although he could have taken my rook with Qxh6, then I would have taken with Nxh6, then Kxh6. Would have been a rook and knight for Queen, which I feel could have caused an interesting game). If Kg8 then I would have moved Nf6+  (if he responds with Rxf6, then i respond Rxf6, he responds with Qxf6, and i grab the rook on E8 with Qxe8+, and ive come out with a rook and a knight traded for 2 rooks.) To back up a good bit... the reason why i moved the Bishop to Bh6, instead of Rh6+ was because of this continuation. ...  30. Rh6+  Kg8  31. Nf6+ Kf7... the only viable move i have at this point might be Nxe8, but then he grabs my hanging rook with Qxh6.. and to top it off, he has more attackers on my knight than I have defenders and I cannot get my knight off of e8 safely.