Annoying habits at the chessboard

Jul 20, 2008, 9:03 PM |

What annoys you at the chessboard in a tournament?

Not finding the right continuation or plan?  Missing a combination? What about annoyances? Noise?

What annoys me at the chessboard is if someone is making a noise that need not be made.

At the Coffs Harbour tournament I came up against someone who had an annoying habit.  He was sniffling at the board, regularly, almost so regularly you could play a drum to it. I waited for him to press the clock, opened up a pack of tissues I had in my bag and said "would you like a tissue?", I was a little annoyed when he said "no, thanks", I felt like saying "I'm not offering it to you! Blow your nose!"

And then there was another person who cleared his throat all the time. 

I dont know... maybe I'm being too picky......

Opinions anyone?

P.S. Second installment of Coffs report coming tonight.