Australian Major/minor Day 1

Jan 3, 2010, 4:24 AM |

There are 8 people rated over 2000 in the Major Section of the Australian Championships. Top seed Englishman David Garner failed to get into the Championship division so with a fide rating of 2178 was the top seed in the “Under 2150” Major division. The other players over 2000 are Jason Hu , Tim Hare, Greg Heron, Chor Yuen Chang, Blair Mandla, Johny Bolens and Andrew Furst. Most of the top seeds accounted for their first round opponents. David Garner was able to take advantage of his material, Positional and time advantage to defeate Newcastle's Michael McGuirk. Tim Hare had an early finish by defeating Herman Rachmadi, Chor Yuen Chang closed the position up Nimzo indian style against Alexander Papp and eventually broke through for the win. Blair Mandla defeated Andrew pan in a mutual hackfest but Pan's lesser material for defence was the difference. North Sydney Chess Club President Paul Glissan last to the Eccentric Johny bolens. Glissan had passed pawns but Bolens, the tricky player he is managed to pull out the win. Andrew furst's game with Mark Baterowicz was a wild one – Fursts 7 pawns Rook, Queen and Bishop was enough to defeat Baterowicz's 4 pawns two knights, two rooks and a Bishop.

 Upsets started on the second board with Jason ho failing to convert a pawn up against Queenslander Alex Stahnke, resulting in a draw, Greg Heron blundered a Rook against Adrian Kong to cause an upset on board 4. Othe Upsets for the round included Joshua Christensed drawing with FM Brian Jones in a wild Botvinnik Semi-Slav. Krishna Thapa lost to Benjamin Cheung, Victorian Samuel Dalton lost to John Alkin, Frank Barasic defeated Central Coast's Paul Broekhuyse, Dawen Shidrew with author David Lovejoy and Joseph Nguyen drew with Ian Dickson.

In the Minor Division we will follow the top three seed/ tables. Top Seed Heinrich Korbe played out an interesting endgame where Korbe had a rook and six pawns v Attila Mag's 2 knights and 4 pawns, the result being a draw. Second seed Mark Stokes an exchange plus pawns up against Greig Edwards. As for myelf I got lucky against North Sydney local Bob Quek. Upsets in the minor included Kenji Nakauchi drawing with Li, Kees Huband-Lint defeated Axel Stahnke, Glen Qi Drew with Tony Baldwin, Soliman Soliman defeated Keith Farrell, Victor Dai drew with “Draw master” Tony spirov, Unrated Matthew Stewart defeated Queensland Tournament officer Garvin Gray. Now on with Day Two's Results!.