Coll-ective of colles

Jul 2, 2008, 9:06 PM |

I used to play the Colle as my main opening weapon for white. As time went by and my rating started to jolt upwards I decided to play the more tactical Blackmar Diemar Gambit and now my regular opening is the Queens Gambit as I started to seek more solid openings.

 At the NSW Open I was due to play Anton Smirnov in the third round. Now lets go back to a Parramatta chess club lightning. the week before Mingara.  We played out a queens gambit where I was able to pick up a central pawn through an error by Anton and I went on to win that game.... Then at Mingara we are playing the same line except this time instead of making an error Anton plays an improvement on our previous game.  He went on to crush me.

Now back to the NSW Minor I decided to play the Colle as I didnt want a similar position as in our previous game...... and it was a bit of a surprise tactic as well.

 Back to work I go!