Day 0: Ready to go Jetsetters?

Jul 4, 2008, 3:10 PM |

Well my excitement was apparently evident at work today as I was not concentrating on what I was doing.  This has left me with four or five partially done tasks that I'll need to finish on Monday.  Oh well... as one of the owners said ....”everybodyhas days like that.... 

I explaied to the sales manager where I was going bu.”why would you want to go to Adelaide for “ he replied.  After I explained to him that I'm playing in a chess tournament there he stated “You must be a chess nut!” If only he knew! :D


Ok so I left work early to get to the airport with plenthy of time to spare.  I get to Campbelltown train station not realising that it was now 4.28 I had one minute to grab a ticket and get down onto the platform...(I've misplaced my Person with visionimpairment pass and waiting to receive a new one that was supposed to be received by the 30th June)I miss that train and have to wait for the next one in seventeen minutes... Great! I hope they will allow me to take both my bags onto the plane as carry on baggage.   Qantas will only allow Luggage check in up to 45 minutes before the plane leaves. And will allow check in with only carry on luggage up to thirty minutes before the flight is scheduled to leave. 


I'm getting excited about the whole thing.  . 


I'm looking forward to the dinner with my fellow chess players with fine classical music in the background.    I just hope I'll getto see a bit of the city while i'm over there.... might have to come here one weekend without a chess tournament one day....


Anyhow after these thoughts its now almost time for me to get off the train. 


Well, QANTAS kept their good flying record tonight as I got to Adelaide Safely. I ended up having to check one of my bags in as I had two bags.. :(  Checked in went and seen Joshua Christensen, Rob Hvistendahl, Vaness Reid and later Jason Hu who flew in from the Gold coast after a nice little holiday in the sun.


Then I decided I felt a little peckish as the airline food on Qantas was not to my liking.... and I'm not a fussy eater!  So I went exploring Adelaide..... I walkedalong franklin street until I came across the Glenelg Tram line.  I remembered that the tram is free “Terrace to Terrace”.   So I caught the tram to City West and then walked my way back to Rundle mall where I had not seen anything foodwise open until I saw a Hungry Jacks (what I like to call a form of Chew and Spew).  It seemed to  e the only bloody thing open other than the Casino (which I was tempted to go and try my luck at the poker tables.... but I thought better of it!)


There does not seem as many things open at night in Adelaide as Sydney even on a sunday night.  I would go as far to say that there is more open on a Tuesday night in Sydney than there is on a friday night in Adelaide.  North terrace reminds me a little of Sydney's George Street, due to the hustle and bustle it has still late at night.  You have the old buildings on one side with new on the other.  One big difference with Adelaide is that their tall buildings is nowhere near Sydney's buildings. Thumbs up!


Lets see what the day brings!