Poker - The Chessplayer's Disease

Oct 23, 2009, 8:40 PM |

As a Chess player and administrator one of the biggest problems I find in regards to keeping chess players in chess is Poker.  Chessplayers make good poker players.  Poker is a game of skill and also luck...... but in the long run, as in chess, skill will override the luck (although I should be looking at recieving a million dollars with all the bad luck i've had....).

So what does Poker have over chess?

ince the popularisation of poker I know of at least two chess clubs that have suffered because mother clubs have put on "freeroll" poker on at the same time as the chess club is meeting.

More accessable money? One great chess player who is now going great guns in Poker is South Australian James Obst, who is reporting to have won 1.5 million dollars in Online and live play. James formerly represented Australian at the world Youth Championships. 

Could be a combination of these factors or more.

But what I think is although poker is a great game there is nothing like sitting arross from your opponent in a game that is pure skill....(and maybe some lucky swindles!)