"Saddistic King March"

Oct 22, 2009, 7:57 AM |

Tonight I played an interesting game in the Parramatta Chess Club Championships.  A game that I should have lost at one stage (I stupidly mated myself but my opponent did not notice).  But it envolved an interesting king march up the board out of the opening.

This game reminded me of a game I once saw in the "100 greatest games" book by Burgess, Emms, Nunn et.al...  the Game was Nigel Short - Jan Timman and was labeled "the saddistic king march" In this game Short goes for the attack and when all attacking options seem dry the king makes his gallant march, in spite of all major pieces still remaining on the board, from g1 to g5 where it will next go to h6 where mate will be unavoidable.