Sydney Grade Matches need a revamp?

Jun 26, 2008, 8:02 PM |

The NSWCA Sydney Grade matches has attracted 26 teams from 8 clubs in 4 divisions. But there is no Open division this year. The open division was unable to attract enough participants to get off the ground.  Sydney Academy of Chess and Sydney University had planned on entering open sides. 

 The pinacle of the Sydney Grade Matches this year is the U2100 division which has 5 teams from 4 clubs. the next division down, the U1800's also has only 5 teams in its competition, once again with 4 clubs.

Given that, If i remember correctly, half of all rated people are rated over 1600 shouldnt there be many more teams in the top two divisions? Whats the drawbacks of playing in a Grade competition for the higher rated players?

I have an Idea that is probably more of a pipe dream than an actual motion to change things.  I'll explain in an another post soon.

 I need to get back to work! :D