A change... 2017=more chess!

A change... 2017=more chess!

Jan 4, 2017, 4:09 AM |

Time for a change. 2016 was a good year but now it's over.

Just too many comments based on my profile picture. I get it , yes I really do guys. But Iḿ only here to play chess. So stop sending nffw pictures. And play chess instead duh ?

So this is how I look after i've lost :) This is actually my own artwork.

Still Improving.

I must admit that I havent studied for a while. In the beginning of 2016 I went from 950 to 1450 and after that I more or less lost the will to improve more. On the average one improves at 50 points a year and I see now that I'm in that range.From 1450 to 2000+ is a very long road but I see itś worth it.The question however is how to improve.

Bullet vs blitz

Bulletfire is a great way to practice but not really chess. Although I'm better at bullet there was no improvement at longer games (even blitz). Which I can't understand at all ?

At lichess my puzzle rating is at 1900+ and itś peek was 2120. This means I'm good at solving puzzles. But a game is more than a puzzle. If a situation isn't obvious I make often the wrong decisions. In bullet I just move without thinking. And I more often make the good decision than by deep thinking (female intuition telepathy ? Idk).

So to improve I have to play less obvious (less tactical tricks) and think deeper. And playing longer games. less bullet and more blitz for next year.

Pattern recognition and A.I.

The key in being a better chess player is speed. And with that in mind the whole concept of Pattern recognition becomes very important after playing 20k games in a year I observed that I started to use patterns to predict moves. Not really moving pieces in my mind anymore but abstract logic. A more language based aproach so to speak. The key in this is it to find abstract rules that are less complex than calculating moves. Kinda difficult to explain yet but very exciting.A change in my mind from Bruteforce to more subtle thinking. The road to GM ,perhaps :)

More chess.

Anyway friends 2017 is the year that I want to make more out of chess playing skills. As I said last year that I will improve (and I did). I'll try to get a rating of above 1600 at the end of 2017. If that is realistic Idk but well a girl can dream...

Happy new Epoch to all humans !