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Bleeding points

Bleeding points

Jul 13, 2016, 4:13 AM 1

After 4 months of chesstraining my rating went up from 750 to 1450 with an all time high at 1539.
But in the last 3 months there was no improvement at all. So I decided to reset my game by bleeding points. It's just playing the same openings / same style and timepressure... becomes very boring. Also a lot of 'great' players (this is sarcasm) like it to insult. Block stuff takes the fun out of chess. Yes I'm know I'm fast but not a cheater!. I've a opening system that allows me to go

oh..premove yeah! almost all the time.

But well some guys are poor losers....
Anyway I hope that 'bleeding' will improve my game. Well that's it guys. Back soon. BTW... the main pic is my own art cool huh ?

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