Jun 26, 2017, 4:59 AM |

i'm starting to play worse. Realistic well tried very hard to become 2000+ but well. This girl sucks at chess forever. so maybe it's better to set a different goal than to shoot at that very distant quasar for becoming IM..


Well I was 1500 then I dropped to under 1000. So wierd I keep blundering. While at the same time my puzzle rating goes up. Solved some 2000+ on lichess in less than a minute. But really that doesn't mean a thing in blitz. Somehow I start to freeze more often. When I was 1500 I wanted to go for 2000 in 5 years. Well that's a quasar. But maybe just 1600 at the end of these year or at least back to 1500. Obsessed with rating well yeah ! Sorry if I called some enigines human (or was it the other way around ?) my bad,But bleeding points hurts. Esspecially after a all time high. Time to become realistic again.Some people just suck at chess forever... i'm one of them :)