Master slackfish

Jun 19, 2017, 1:47 AM |

Due personal problems  I decided to leave chess for a while.

In Back in chess after 3 months it's very hard to improve. Although I study 2 hours every day and my puzzle rating goes up (currently between 1800-2000) my blitz and bullet ratings go down. Not that I'm obsessed with rating. But isn't rating a marker for succes ?

Well it used to be but now I beg to differ. Online chess isn't real chess , there are so many beasts online that rating is very very fake.

i did'nt care about that but well , yesterday I started to investigate a bit. The result , wierd software on the net that helps players to improve their gama. Many downloads 80000 times am I right ? So go figure...

The truth sometimes hurts but it can also set you free. Also it's impossible to prove or disprove but there are many chesskillers on the site. Strategic disconnections is the worst ? Why not nullify a game after 10 disconnections  in a worse position ? That should be easy to program. If consulting is done one can never prove. Boris ivanov is cloned many many times. Makes me think why should one learn all those beautifull chesstheory ? It's 2017 , call it transhumanism. Eufemisms fix anything dont they ?

Well NO chess is the most beautifull game there is. I really love playing chess. I love learning. I just discovered that way to late.  So if rating is tainted it really doesn't mean a thing. Yesterday I played a verified NM and its?/his rating was 1200 ? Main question was it fun ? Answer YES.Currently I'm bleeding points and playing better than ever. The reason ?  that's obvious , Chips lizards and fish ( a new diet but not for me)

Broken Rating system...

Masters farming out... Not cool , but it's the way it is.At 1200 rating people play way better now than they ever did. Sandbaggers ,well I thought so , but than the strategic disconnections. Rating and computers don't mix. But there is still hope. No not by this site fixing the problem but by playing the one honest player in existance...

Play the computer.

The computer has a fixed rating. If I play the computer I'm exactly at my real rating (clubrating) that is between 1600-1700. So I consider this as a real rating. The real improvement. About 50 points in 6 months sounds resonable. Not 100 points loss like rating on suggest. So the paradigm shifted. The best player is a computer , the most honest player , a player that will never zetai kareshi (look it up)

Nor won't see a mat in one but sees a 10ply deep combi ?

So I'll go on with my study. Improving my chess and loosing rating points. Waiting for the next NM Slackfish that I'll probably play at 1000 points whatever... A endless stream of paradoxes. Well that's chess 2017.