White Noise Chess

Jul 5, 2017, 5:00 AM |

Very simple question , has white advantage  or not ?

So the idea was it to let 2 players that are completely equal in strength play a match together. The problem was it to find 2 such players. Yesterday I concluded that it wasn't about absolute stength but about relative strength. well it's obvious that 2 perfect players are completely equal. But also 2 players that do completely random moves (maximal entropy) must be completely equal. Perfect players don't exist anno 2017 so lets play at maximal entropy and observe the results...

"Entropy Heaven"
event=Playing completely random games
players=Nancy vs Alice

TotalGames     Played : 10000
TotalHalfmoves Played : 3381299
TotalWin White        : 770 (0.08)
TotalWin Black        : 774 (0.08)
Total Draw            : 8456 (0.85)
Total Draw (insufficient material)    : 5556 (0.56)
Total Draw (3-fold Repetition    )    : 224 (0.02)
Total Draw (50 moves rule        )    : 2006 (0.20)
Total Draw (Stalemate            )    : 670 (0.07)
Total Checkmates                      : 1544 (0.15)
Shortest Game                         : 7 halfmoves
Longest  Game                         : 875 halfmoves
Average  Game Length                  : 338.13 halfmoves

Games Checked with TKscid OK

Interpreting the results

So statistically it's quite unusual to win with less than 8% and equal results for white and black it's obvious that a perfect chessgame most likely will end in a draw ! and will be very long !

have I just proven that perfect chess is boring ?

What is quite suprising is that 15percent of the games ends in a checkmate ! Remember the players play at maximal randomness. Also 'finding' (more stumbling upon) a checkmate is more likely in a complex position than it is in a simple position. Simple positions become draw because of 50 move rule. While complex positions may in herit more mat combinations.


Longest game ever (example white noise chess)

After the match I've imported to TKscid to see if there were any errors... that went fine. Looking at the checkmates gave the impression that the winning player had some kind of plan (which it hadn't) Maybe sometimes a checkmate is just the result of a good position. Anyway here is the longest and most boring game ever...  'white noise chess'. Be warned this will bore you to death :)