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Is It Draw on Rapid Tournament

Is It Draw on Rapid Tournament

Feb 6, 2016, 10:19 AM 4

Please help me.
It was a Rapid Tournament (30min each)
I played in black.
This is a draws position but i won the match with time. I had 2.50min+ & opponent had 30 sec.
After flag down he told me that it was a draw. Bcoz he did same moves(1.Kb8 Qe5+ 2.Kb7 Qb5+ 3.Ka8 Qh5 4.Kb7 Qd5+ 5.Kb8 Qb3+ 6.Ka8 Qf3+ 7.Kb8 Qf4+ 8.Kb7 Qb4+ 9.Kc7 Qc4+ 10.Kb7 Qf7+ 11.Kb8 Qg8+)
Is it draw on rapid tournament ?
Whats the original Rule ?

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