this stinks

Mar 9, 2009, 6:54 PM |

today after school i went dirtbiking, it was awesome!!!!....until i broke my leg, in seven different places.

i made a jump over a hill, it was stable....then my bike started to act up in the air.  i woulda jumped off and landed, but i was too high up.  so i held on for dear life, knowing i would probably break something i closed my eyes, i was headed for a boulder that i was gonna ride around when i landed, if i landed properly.  my leg headed straight into the boulder and the bike just landed right on my leg....i know its sounds corny, but things just happen like that.  i screamed, i swore, and i was bleeding, my friend Bryan had to carry me.

so here i am now, i giant cast over my leg, with my laptop.   it stinks, i wish i had gone skating instead of dirtbiking today