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The Deadly Rook Checkmate

The Deadly Rook Checkmate

Jan 3, 2018, 7:37 AM 0

One of the worst and most annoying ways to lose a chess game is when your king is cornered by the two opposing rooks. This method of winning a chess game has a few different names: Walking Rooks, Rolling Rooks,etc. When my brother plays me in chess, this is the only strategy that is used and often times is quite effective. It is the worst feeling when you believe you have a decent chance on your opponent when out of the blue, two rooks fly toward your king and before you know it, there's a checkmate.

In order to prevent this terrible tactic, have plenty of cover and get your king out of the corner and toward the center of the board.

If you have problems defeating this checkmate, I recommend trying to checkmate earlier in the game ultimately not letting the opponent commit this terrible crime.

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