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Legend Of The Chess Slayer
Legend Of The Chess Slayer: Don't Turn Around horror channel

Legend Of The Chess Slayer

Jan 16, 2018, 5:48 PM 0

   I love chess.

   When I was younger I got my first job in TV as the BBC junior commentator of the World Chess Championship clash of Kasparov vs. Karpov, at the Park Lane Hotel in London. I was around ten, and it was the most exciting thing ever. I was so nervous but it was short-lived, as the program, which was supposed to air at 4 pm, suddenly shifted its time to 11 pm. As such, they figured no kids would be up, so they brought in adult commentators instead. Nevertheless, I watched the games from the balcony, where only the TV cameras and crew were allowed. It was incredibly exciting. 
   I was on my school chess team and played tournaments every week. But I realized early on when I played a British champion younger than me that chess wouldn’t be my destiny. He wiped the floor so easily with me. 
   I moved to New York to go to NYU and my first week there, wandered Washington Square Park and came face to face with the chess hustlers. I sat down and again, ten minutes and $40 later, was sent packing by such brilliance and mastery: and fully embraced my new found moniker fish. 
   As a filmmaker, I’ve always enjoyed thrillers and edgy material and started the horror channel Don’t Turn Around, where each week I put out a new and original horror story. 
   Legend Of The Chess Slayer came about essentially because of my love of chess. It’s a story I’d love to one day turn into a movie, but for now, until I can scramble together a budget: I present it as a narrated story which I truly hope both chess aficionados and others will enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC44qe0yIvg&t=25s

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