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The Cheater

The Cheater

Oct 31, 2010, 7:25 AM 3

Before I continue this writing it's good we do screening a word of "cheater" which will be discussed next. "Cheater" are referred to this article is someone who engages with a variety of tricks to deceive their victims. In the Oxford Learner pocket dictionary, it says that the word of "cheat" is "the act dishonestly." I hope this brief description will make you aware of the existence of a fraud when dealing with them in various events or activities.


Every chess game, “cheat tips” should be highlighted a player to win in a game. In this case I do not want to say that someone who most excels in chess is a cheater or swindler, but simply say that my tip: To win a chess game at least you should be good at doing tricks as a street charlatan who likes to fool potential victims.


In conclusion, once again… I want to emphasize that no assumption that a person who holds the records for the highest chess is also the biggest cheater. I apologize as much as possible to everyone who feels offended or harmed by this article. Please don’t take it personaly.


My mom had explained  that the potential crime such as mental illness who likes to cheat, it can be positively released through chess. But strangely she (my mom) never supported me to become a premium member in chess.com. This is still a serious question for me.  I really feel uncomfortable when playing free games at a cool place like this.

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