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Angry chess opponents

Sep 17, 2011, 4:49 AM 4

Often times when I play and win, some rude comment suddenly appeares in the chat window, written by my opponent. Another common and also very sad thing that often happens is if my opponent makes a mistake and looses his queen early on for example, he/she will just let time roll away until finally they loose because of it, leaving me waiting for that entire period of time, just to get under my skin. Now im thinking, wow, these people really take it to heart when they fail. I feel sorry for the people around them in everyday life, must be some pretty hard individuals to deal with if they cant manage their anger loosing in chess.Whatever happend to loosing the old noble way via checkmate or atleast try untill loosing on time is inevitable? Or even learing to appreciate a loss? I for example enjoy chess, win or loose, honestly! I just love the game! What I think is sad is the people who sit behind their computer super tuff, saying rude things they never would dare to say to your face in life, but simply ruining a beautifull game! Now you might be thinking to your self while reading this like, why not just disable chat? Should I really have to? Talking to people all over the world while playing is fun. Well my point has been made, its out there. Oppinions, post below please. And have a nice day!

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