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loosing games when being creative

Apr 17, 2011, 10:13 AM 6

When I play chess I sometimes like to play impulsive and make moves from a creative mindset. However it seems as soon as I dont follow the standard book openings and middlegame instructions I loose the games. This means that my natural instincts in chess are bad and that I need to just stick to the scripts.....booring. Every game opens with either kings pawn or queens pawn bla bla bla. But is'nt that persizely what makes chess a "not so cool" sport in the youth around the world? I also train martial arts, mma and jiujitsu and my friends think chess is a bit corny but at the same time they compare fighting with chess. Back to my point though and the fact that people like me bust their brains playing chess, I personally play the best after work, on a sugar rush, dark room, silence, just me and the computer, but playing with distractions really mess thinks up. This blog is just my thoughts so dont expect any strategies and so on, this will, for the most part, just be me thinking out loud, complaining, tributing chess and so on.. because it really is an awesome game that I wish to get beter at, but damn learning in chess is ten times harder then learning martial arts or soccer  :) if you dont like it,, then fine, pay me no mind, but perhaps you can relate and share your thoughts, I would love to discuss.

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