Oct 26, 2009, 5:44 PM |

For the first time, I decided to follow a tournament that I am not playing in, on chess.com.  That being "+3000 Rating - 1st Tournament".  I was a bit disappointed to learn that one of the players was removed for cheating.  My luck, the first tournament that I observe and that happens.

So many thoughts ... but predominantly, as a chess player, why would anyone cheat at a game that you play online?  What is there to gain?  It would make more sense to me if the cheater were OTB and had a prize fund at stake, but what is there to gain if one cheats at a online game ... any online game?

I have been playing this game for almost 30 years.  I put in a lot of time, money, thought, worry, travel, reading and more ... just for the joy of chess ... which to me equates to the joy of learning.  To this day, if I can create something on the board that did not exist in my mind minutes, or hours ago, that in itself is the joy.  That in itself is the fun of chess!

Win lose or draw, I imagine most here have that or a similar joy in chess.

It makes no sense to cheat.