FIDE Amateur World Championship - Rounds 4 & 5

Mar 23, 2010, 2:20 PM |

Sunday was a day of mistakes for me.  I made two mistakes in my 4th round game:  Not developing a plan an underestimating my opponents attack.  I made one mistake in my 5th round game, and had it not been for time trouble, I would have lost the game.  I had my bot analyze the 5th round game and a Knight sacrifice that I had considered was actually the winning move.  It's funny because I have been in similar positions and had never considered the Knight sacrifice.  I did consider it Sunday though, and just did not calculate far enough.

My 4th round Opponent looked to be 23 or so, and sported a USCF rating of 1940.  He traveled from Colorado and is in his last year of college.   He gave me what I deserved for sub par play.  While my 5th round opponent was a teenage girl from Michigan.  Her rating is 1808 and she defended tremendously against my attack.  She faltered in the end, when we were both in time trouble ... I missed a Knight sac for a win.

Round 4 ...


Round 5 ...