Round 6 - FIDE Amateur World Championship

Mar 23, 2010, 2:46 PM |

I felt lucky being 3 and 2 going into the 6th round on Monday.  I hoped that Sunday was the only "bad day" that I would have.  In the 6th round, I faced a man from Indiana who visits Chicago to play chess when bigger tournaments are here.  I had seen him on the tournament scene, but never had the pleasure of meeting him.  We had a good conversation after the game ... he is also a Unix Administrator.  His rating is 1940.  I guess that its time that I reveal my USCF rating ... its 1603.

The beginning of the game gave me difficulties, I had a horrible Bishop and bad pawn structure on the Q-side with nothing going on on the K-side.  I was able to nullify things on the Q-side, then systematically build on the K-side until there was a pretty good attack.  I hope you enjoy the game ...