Slaying the Sciilian

Sep 17, 2014, 11:00 AM |

At the time of writing, time is 11:30pm Ist.

I am upendra. 1704- FIDE

It has been somtime since I have started chess seriously. Just finished exams.

1.e4 c5 The scicilian is a very common opening among top grandmasters and a lot of theory has been created thanks (well no thanks, as white players have to study a lot) to players like Kasparov- a Nijadrof specilist (I don't know spelling), Vishy Anand, Polgar etc. 

I don't follow the main lines and play Nf3 or Nc3 or d3 or g3. I play my own move 2.c4. It is interesting and dangerous.

History of Orign

I don't know the orign but botvinnik played this first in the 1960's. I played this in a blitz game against a friend and did well. Then I did some resource and found the source of orign.

I'll update with games later.