4 Subtle Connections Between Chess and a Man's Beard

Dec 12, 2016, 4:47 PM |

Do you play chess and sport a beard?

If not, you should most definitely consider growing one.

There are various reasons. let's go over them now.

You can stroke it whilst you play

Stroking your beard whilst you play chess will increase your concentration levels and possibly allow you to think several more moves ahead than usual. Fact.

Strategic Benefit

Chess is a game of strategy and the great strategists of history have always been beard wearers. Think Sun Tzu, Julius Ceaser, Jesus, etc. See the theme?

You will increase your risk appetite

Risk appetite is driven by testosterone and by cultivating your beard, you stand a greater chance of optimizing your hormone levels. The great masters have always been risk takers. Don't you want to be a fearless attacking master like Kasparov and not a scared mouse like Kramnik?

Beard oil will increase your intellect.

When you rub oil throughout your beard (well, only if it is from a well considered recipe made from top quality ingredients) the beautiful mixture will make you much more attractive and confident. This in turn will have a positive reinforcement effect and increase your intelligence.

(Many chess players have probably never heard of beard oil before - you can check out a league of the best ones here http://beardoilpledge.com/the-best/)

Well, there you have it. 4 ways you've probably never considered before, that you might well increase your chess skills today via growing a beard!




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