3 Crazy and Attacking Games : Part 2

3 Crazy and Attacking Games : Part 2

Jul 17, 2017, 12:57 AM |

Hello everyone! I'm here to continue my 3 part series on crazy and attacking games. The game which I am going to show you is the craziest of the 3 games. When I saw the opening I thought this is going to be a very peaceful game. But I was wrong! 


First I would like to show the game without annotations as it should be first enjoyed before studied. To see what I am talking about.....


....Let's start!

After seeing this game if you try to check this game with an engine, the engine would go nuts! But White's defensive task and pressure was so much that he couldn't refute the attack.


Now with annotations:


Sometimes being all crazy and hyper does not help. White should have properly defended with maybe Nf1.

Intermediate moves can sometimes change the game by drastic measures. 

Whenever your opponent has castled on the opposite side, it is always important who attacks first. Defending is also necessary.

Thank You!