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Jan 16, 2009, 6:05 AM |


YourChess's feeds archive exceeded 10,000 post from the most interesting sites of blogs / news of the chess world since June 2008. If someone have a own chess site or blog can enter own feed in the directory of It's easy.

Very interesting is the posts search engine. You can find it on the home page or click on the SEARCH tab on If you want you can enter the 'posts search engine' directly into your site /blog.

Below there are some widgets:

WIDGETBOX 2Fgallery =%% 2Fnewgallery% 2Fcategory% 2Fgames% 3Fp% 3D4% 26s% 3DPUBLISHED_ON

(copy entire link please if don't run)

IGOOGLE =% 2Fig & dpos = top

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