Chess for an older guy

Dec 22, 2017, 11:57 AM |

I started trying to learn a little about chess at age 53, just about the time of my join date. October 1, 2017. At that time I knew almost nothing about chess except for how to move the pieces (except I had never heard of the en passant pawn move). I had no idea any strategy or tactics. Absolutely nothing. I am sure total chess games played in my lifetime was less than 50. Maybe even less than 10. I truly am starting at almost ground zero. 


Reasons for taking up chess? I guess I want a new challenge. I have played table tennis for years and love that sport. Table tennis shares two things with chess-one a similar rating system (my highest table tennis rating was 1899, currently I am 1694 or so), and the fact that many call table tennis "physical table tennis" due to the strategic and tactical aspects. One final thing is that I have a fascination with Russian literature and culture. The fact that Russian chess is a big thing also intrigues me.


This blog, should I maintain it will document my progress, or lack thereof. I assume it it one of thousands out there and really has  no additional value except to myself. 


My first chess book is done, Pandolfinis:


My current (2 months in) regimen is to keep reading basic books, do the tactics practice and watch online videos that I understand. I am also starting to play live chess. I was doing a good bit of 5 minute blitz, but that clearly is too much for at this stage. I do some 10 minute blitz games when short on time.

Outside of chess I have a large family, a busy job (pediatric pathologist), am active in my church, play table tennis as much as I can and like to work out.