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Funny idiosyncrasy

Funny idiosyncrasy

Jan 10, 2018, 11:37 AM 0

This site usually pairs you up with similar rated players for obvious reasons.  A recent pair for me however is quite odd. I have a daily chess rating of about 620 and have been paired up with a 800 rated player. Sounds reasonable right? It is until I view this player profile and see they have a blitz and bullet rating of over 2100! If you are just starting out the computer appears to ignore ratings in other areas and begin with an 800 or so. This player fortunately (for me) is white and has not moved yet. So I may yet survive this colossal mismatch. I have NO idea how a game against someone who is rated so much higher than me would go. I DO know how a table tennis match between a 600 rated player and a 2100 plus rated player would go and it would be either a nightmare or an outstanding comedy. 

That said, if my opponent played the match or moves, I would give him/her my best effort and lose with my head up. I almost said I would try to learn something, but I suspect their level to be such that I probably could not even garner any useful info-except to know there is a lot more to know than i know.

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