My chess knowledge, Openings mainly

Jan 22, 2018, 9:06 AM |

As I begin in chess I am currently playing and thinking about the following:

Openings-Although I have read one book and started another I have almost no knowledge of opening games in terms of "names". My strategy is open with E4 if I am white. That is it. From that point on I am playing based on two factors-my opponents moves and the general goal of controlling the middle squares and developing my bishops and knights. I am watching to see if my opponent is up to some nasty quick checkmate tricks, which I do not really remember, but I am calculating to make sure that I am protecting squares that could lead to a rapid loss. Thus I could not tell you a Sicilian from a Colle from a London, or anything. I do know (weakly) Queen's gambit (which I currently ritually decline, but probably not in a traditional matter).

Play for me basically proceeds then to castling (no real preference which side, just whatever works) and then looking for a way to attack. I may end up moving the the middle game faster than I want if my opponent presses the issue. I will occasionally attach before I am developed if I see a tempting target. At my level I think those are less likely to be traps, but if they are I am probably toast. I do try to open and support my pieces as much as possible and not leave stuff hanging, although it still happens.  So that is just about it. From what I read, studying openings is a LONG way off, like north of 1500 rating (and my daily rating is just gotten up to 700ish). I still have so much to learn in other areas that I do not seen this area changing for a while.