Old habits in the opening sometimes work

Jun 9, 2008, 6:32 AM |

When I really got into buying chess books (because we all know that the more chess books you own the more chess books you own), I wanted to limit my chess opening texts. In fact, I went with a particular book that narrowed down the choices to just one for white (the Torre Attack) and one playing black (Caro-Kann). I gave up quickly on the system for black as I'm not keen on a longer, drawish sort of a game, but boy did I fall in love with the Torre. I liked the symmetry of the pawn structure early in the game, I liked the pacing for development and, I really liked the anchored Knight on e5.

I told one of my son's friends about Chess.com and we decided to play a match (btw, he's a good player and his current rating here is no fluke: he is a solid player). In this game, though, I did get him with a trap and I'll blame that on my use of this particular opening. Also, I'm playing white so I do have some control of where the game is heading and I'm wondering how many times he'll beat me from this point on.

But on to the game: