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Oct 5, 2015, 3:37 AM 0

Hello guys! this is me Vibhu here and today I will tell you about another great move called castling.This is a special move for the king in which the king moves 2 spaces at a time.This happens only when before castling,the king has not moved from his starting position(near the queen)and has no pieces between his and any of his teams rooks line.For eg- let Cool be rook and Embarassed be king and - be empty spaces. So it has to be likeCool--Embarassed---Cool on anyone of his sides.Then the king moves 2 steps towards its rook and the rook goes one step ahead the king.

This can be only done when:-

1.The king has not moved from his starting position.

2.The king is not in check.

3.It can be done only once and only with one rook.

This castling is mainly used for defensive play.



so good luck guys and happy chess playing!!Laughing 

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