History of Chess

Mar 29, 2010, 3:19 AM |

There has been a debate which has, well, been going on for since tha last century.

But I think there need to be no debate about the same.

India is the birth place of Chess, where it was called Chaturanga , and in the early days when the Kings ruled, they used to play the game with great passion and it has been recored that they even allowd people from other regions to come to their palace and have a match.







And it has been said that the various pieces in the Chess board were representative of the different groups of forces that the rulers had used for combat in thoses days, like the pawns represent the soldiers, the rook represent the Elephants, the knight represent the horses, bishop represent the minister and  queen and king as such.

And with the Persian invasion and also as a result of foreign trade , the chess was spread to the Gulf countries where it was quickly spread and from where it spread to the Europe.

And since that Chess has gained wide spread popularity among people belonging to different regions.