A game full of sacrifices: Crushing the World Champion Engine in 21 Moves!

Mar 13, 2015, 5:05 AM |

As of August, Houdini 3 Pro is rated 3246 on CCRL.


Its latest version, Houdini 4 Pro, is rated 3275 on CCRL, and is the 3nd strongest engine in the World.


Houdini 4 Pro is certainly not the Strongest Engine in the World, but how did it crush the World Champion in 21 moves? Read on…
About Deep Junior
As of August, Deep Junior 13 is rated merely 3041 on CCRL.
On assuming ALL engine versions as separate engines, it’s rank is around 75(!) in the World. And if we don’t, it’s the 16th strongest Engine in the World.
Deep Junior is around 200 elo points behind the strongest Engines in the World, so how is it the World Champion? Read on…
How is Deep Junior the World Chess Champion then?
The simple answer is: It’s NOT.
ICGA (the organization that organizes World Computer Chess Championship) has alleged and banned many engines because of copying code from other engines.
Many people simply don’t participate because they don’t want their work to become controversial.
The Computer Chess community now considers TCEC to be the real World Championship.
The Game, full of sacrifices,
Engine Miniatures at strong level are VERY VERY RARE.
This game is taken from CCRL.
Houdini 3 Pro sacrificed a pawn on move 4!
Houdini 3 Pro sacrificed another pawn on move 6!
Houdini 3 Pro sacrificed a knight on move 17! And a Rook the next move!
Deep Junior resigned on move 21.
Actually, Houdini CRUSHED Deep Junior on move 13(!), where it evaluated the position to be completely winning for White (+2.00)