🔥 Chessnut GO | Dinner Chess @ Alba Salentinian Restaurant, Newtown 🍽️♟️😊

🔥 Chessnut GO | Dinner Chess @ Alba Salentinian Restaurant, Newtown 🍽️♟️😊

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Salento, is the "heel" of the "boot", that is the Italian peninsula. I'm lucky to live in the inner-Sydney suburb of Newtown and one of my favourite restaurants is Alba (304-308 King St, Newtown), an Italian restaurant that specifically serves Salentinian food. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, consider checking it out! 😊

Red: the Salento region of Italy

Tonight, Mrs Chess Noob and I had dinner at Alba, and after dessert, we played a couple of games, just for fun, on the Chessnut GO which I had brought along. I reviewed the Chessnut GO, an ultraportable electronic chess board about six weeks ago and have really enjoyed using it out and about. Reportedly, the very first retail shipments of the board have been received by some customers in the UK!

In tonight's game, Mrs Chess Noob had the white pieces and the game in the video is a cautionary tale of a common tactical trap/mistake for beginner players. She played (6. Bg5??) ostensibly pinning my king's knight on f6 to my queen. However, notice my c5-bishop with vision on White's weak f2-pawn, and the fact that White has no defenders on either the g4 or g5 squares (a consequence of a lack of piece development due to an opening dominated by pawn and queen moves).

Notice the pattern allowing an unpinning tactic through a bishop sacrifice!

White's attempt to win back tempo by pinning the knight is a mistake. Simply, it can be unpinned through an aggressive manoeuvre, starting with the brilliant bishop sacrifice, Bxf2+!!

When White captures the bishop with their king (7. Kxf2), we can leap our knight forward with check (7... Ng4+), unpinning the knight, and revealing the queen's attack on the forward g5-bishop, winning it the next turn!


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