🔥 NEW Chessnut APP | I LOVE the CLOCK MODE for OTB games! 💖♟️🕰️ Chess Chats #7

🔥 NEW Chessnut APP | I LOVE the CLOCK MODE for OTB games! 💖♟️🕰️ Chess Chats #7

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Chessnut has been working hard on a new app for the Chessnut Air, Air+, and PRO and have put it out as an early release for the community to give a go. At the moment, it's only available on Android but once it's complete, it should be on both Android and iOS.

➡️ NEW Chessnut App (early release at time of this article)
➡️ OG Chessnut App

The new app is definitely still a work in progress so there are likely to still be bugs. It uses the Chessnut EVO's onboard user interface, harmonising the the line.

A very good thing that Chessnut has done is that they've made this new app SEPARATE to their existing one, and indeed, I have both the original and new apps installed with no problems. So, there is no need to choose one or the other to install!

One of the features in the new app that I really like is the "Clock Mode"; it is a simple but well designed automatic chess clock designed for use with the Chessnut Air/Air+/PRO to record over-the-board games! It is very easy to set up the clock for the time controls you want, and the clock automatically advances with each move.

The new app also knows the correct board orientation depending now how the White and Black pieces are physically set up on the board. This is especially important in OTB games as having to rotate the board when swapping colours is counterintuitive.

The app will, of course, record the OTB game and at completion, an option is given to either discard or save the game. This saves the game onto Chessnut's server, and the PGN can be accessed fairly simply once logged into your account on Chessnut's website.

Give it a go!

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