PERFECTION! 🤩 Chessconnect App for Chessnut boards

PERFECTION! 🤩 Chessconnect App for Chessnut boards

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I've recently discovered the absolutely amazing Chessconnect App, which exists as an extension to the Chrome browser. It works on Windows and MacOS on any modern computer that supports Bluetooth LE, and with no additional software installations or drivers, seemlessly connects the Chessnut Air, Air+, and PRO boards to played through Chrome.

This is now my main method of using my daily driver, my Chessnut PRO. Both my board and main PC are located in my study, and now, I don't need to connect the board to the app on my phone.

The developer of this amazing piece of software is a fellow chess enthusiast, Jörn Gehring from Germany, who has released it for free!

I've undertaken a brief interview with Jörn, and the video is below - enjoy!

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