Réti Gambit Accepted | OH NO MY QUEEN! ⚡ Quick Wins #63

Réti Gambit Accepted | OH NO MY QUEEN! ⚡ Quick Wins #63

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Today's game is from my mate @benhunt72 of the Chess Boot Camp channel and club! This game features the opening "Knight + Bishop" checkmate pattern that we've seen before, most commonly in the 8-move "oh no my queen!" trap out of the von Hennig Gambit against the Caro-Kann Defense.

This game is very similar to that line, however even quicker with checkmate on move 6!  White plays the rather tricky Réti Opening, and then the Réti Gambit, which Black accepts (1. Nf3 d5 2. c4 dxc4). The interesting thing about this gambit is just how good it is! The gambit itself has a completely neutral evaluation [0.00] so White isn't even worse off. Black's best response to the gambit is to decline with d4, which makes the d-pawn a bit overextended, and gives White a step of tempo! Accepting the gambit gives White an evaluation advantage [+0.3]!

Black attempts to pin White's knight to the queen and regain some tempo with (3... Bg4), but this is not especially accurate [+0.7]. White plays an easy developing move (4. Bxc4), recapturing the point of material and placing the bishop on its natural development square, with vision on Black's weak f-pawn on f7.

Black plays another sensible-looking developing move (4... Nf6), but this is a straight up mistake at worse than [+2]. It all hinges on the fact that White has an attack on f7, while Black is a step too slow... 

The accurate move that assumes Black plays accurately is the immediate bishop sacrifice capture of the f-pawn with check, which forces the king to capture, and then an absolute fork of the king on f7 and the bishop on g4 (5. Bxf7+ Kxf7 6. Ne5+ Ke8 7. Kxg4). White wins a point of material and forces Black to lose their right to castle.

However, there is also the devious "oh no my queen" trap line with (5. Ne5)! Black falls for the trap (5... Bxd1) - this is a 5-min game of blitz - and succumbs to (6. Bxf7#). GG!


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