Vienna Game | CRUSHING the Reverse Vienna Gambit! Quick Wins #62

Vienna Game | CRUSHING the Reverse Vienna Gambit! Quick Wins #62

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My sub had the white pieces, and the game began with a stock standard Vienna Game: Max Lange Defense (1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. Bc4). However, on move 4, Black decided to play creatively with a bold REVERSE Vienna Gambit type move with (4... f5)!

Now, this is an inaccuracy, but not disastrous with Stockfish giving an evaluation of [+0.8]. However, this is mostly just a bluff as Black doesn't have any real initiative gained, has weakened the light square diagonal to the king with their f-pawn move, and will pretty much just lose that pawn without much compensation.

White captures the offered pawn (4. exf5) and Black then plays a game changing blunder with the slow developing move (4. d6). The problem for Black is that deflecting White's e-pawn to the f-file doesn't give Black an immediate attack in the centre. Furthermore, White's pawn now on f5, tactically strengthens an attack that White has on the weak light squares around Black's king. Black needed to defend that immediately (with 4... Nf6) but failed to do so.

White now has an absolutely crushing attack with (5. Qh5+). Black's only good move is to play down an interesting line where White sacrifices their queen but gets a new one back with Black losing their rook to a pawn capture with promotion (5... g6 6. fxg6 Nf6 7. g7+ Nxh5 8. gxh8=Q).

However, white tries to run their king (5... Kd7), but the king is trapped within his palace. The combination of White's diagonal attacking pieces along the light squares (bishop, pawn, and queen) construct a mating net and Black's king falls to checkmate on move 7. GG!

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