Cheating accusations from a FM

Jul 6, 2016, 5:09 PM |

Recently there have been alot of people claiming i have been using chess engines in blitz play, and it escalated a moment ago when i beat a certain FM under the nickname kot 60 2-0. In the second game he claimed i was using computer help and that he will report it.

I am really getting sick of this accusations. Firstly, i despise computer use by all means. And secondly, i  feel i have recently improved my chess a bit (for the last month or so i have been working regularly 2-3 hours daily on chess and it immediatelly tells) and i have been playing blitz regularly, so rating jump is a logical consequence.

Anyway, because of everything written above i have decided to write this blog where i will analyze the aforementioned two games just to illustrate how ridiculous these cheating claims are.

The tempo of the games was 3-0.

Tbh I really saw some obvious tactics (and some i didn't), but my opponent played trully badly.

But okay, let's look at the other game:

This one is even more terrible. Okay, i found some nice tactical shots (but anyone who knows me can confirm that such cheapos are my strongest point), but again my opponent played rather poorly, and after his accusation both me and him were affected.

Oh and i just forgot to mention, prior to this games our score was 12-13 in his favour. So i guess our blitz strengths should be level.

Anyway, that is all, if anyone managed to read till the end, thanks for the attention. Having to write this is so annoying, but such things really kill the joy of playing online blitz. Usually i don't respond to such things, but when titled players start behaving and acussing i find it really disappointing.